Star Trek 8: First Contact

2:48Movie starts (skips credits)You need a USA IP address to watch Star Trek 8 free on YouTube (a VPN also works)
26:22I am a doctor, not a doorstop



After an epic battle against the Borg (cybernetically-enhanced life forms), Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise follow the Borg Sphere back into the 21st century to prevent the Borg from contaminating Earth’s timeline and preventing Earth’s first contact. Picard and the crew must work together to battle the Borg Queen before she assimilates all of mankind and changes history forever. Resistance is futile.


Release date1996
Running time1:50:39
ActorsPatrick Stewart
Jonathan Frakes
Brent Spiner
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Gates McFadden
Marina Sirtis
Alfre Woodard
James Cromwell
Patti Yasutake
DirectorJonathan Frakes
ProducersRick Berman
Peter Lauritson
WritersBrannon Braga
Ronald D. Moore
GenresScience Fiction
Action & Adventure

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